Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hellbilly Craft Show!

Yay! We are putting together a craft show, which the likes of have never been seen in this area!
It's more of a tiny festival!
We are having live rockabilly music, as well as vending from some of the area's raddest crafters!

The derby league will also be there, promoting, recruiting, and selling merchandise.
Our merch is the regular derby merch, like t-shirts and buttons, but it gets radder!
I have made some awesome, screen printed pouches, and we have customized toe guards as well!

This is the first time we are having this show, and if all goes well, we plan to turn it into a regular event! If you are local, you should definitely come out!


ZenCreations said...

We have family in town, but we're going to try to make it out!

liz dexic - dotted with hearts said...

I am going to attempt to do double duty, and vend on skates!

you should put lance on skates next time! :)